This is going to be petty but I’m glad that Reid stood up and showed that he had a spine, that he was at the helm and that since the China currency bill still hadn’t gone through, that by golly, it was going to get done and out of the way. McConnell, who I REALLY despise, got some egg on his face and it is about time. I feel that he is a major saboteur to any process that might help the economy and he stated himself, that the only thing that he is focused on is making President Obama a one term President and the rest of us can go to heck. He didn’t say the last part, but he might as well have. Those who are part of all the demonstrat­ions, the 99%, don’t have the money but they have the votes, as long as the GOP doesn’t get to restrict the voting rights laws anymore than what they already put into play, and since we are willing to protest in the streets day in and day out, turning up at the voters booth is a piece of the cake. GOP should remember that.
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