It simply amazes me that Cantor can say that the protestors of the OccupyWall­Street movement are Americans going against Americans and it is a mob mentality. Yet the tea party which is wholly against government (of the people, by the people and for the people) is defending America. So it is okay to rally and rail against the government and appear with guns at some of those rally’s but if you are part of a protest against big banks and Wall Street than you are against America and you are part of a mob. I am of the firm belief that corporatio­ns are not people, they do not have the same rights as people yet they influence way too much of Washington and it has become a hazard to the American way of life and everything it has stood for since its inception. Freedom of opportunit­y for you and your children, that is no longer the case. The redistribu­tion of wealth from the bottom towards the top has severely limited that freedom of opportunit­y and the 99% want it back. The tea party activists who rail against the government do so at the behest of monied groups and they do not want their social security, medicare, safe water, air and soil taken away, yet they still support the GOP who would do exactly that, go figure.
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