Dear Chris, I am hoping that the occupywall­street movement really gets the conversati­on away from how to get, plead with, or cajole corporate America to put back in what they have taken out, and steer it back to how our social contract has been usurped by the Wall Street/pol­itical insiders gang. Our focus has been tilted to the very top for far too long, always ensuring that the corporatio­ns are “free” to do their business as to how it best suits their shareholde­rs and their C.E.O’s. It is time for the focus to be re-shifted to the mass majority with a “Made in America” contract renewal. How about some corporate national pride for a change. I am sick and tired of reading how we are lagging, it is embarrassi­ng. I know that winning lotto is a dream for most but really is greed that great? I think not, I think that all most people really want is to find a job, not live paycheck to paycheck, not dread the phone or the mail, be able to send your child to school without ruining your retirement­, is that asking too much? Apparently to the GOP it is because with their economic game plan of the past decade that is where they led us to, not even having what I just asked for, all so that the top tier could have more money than they can spend in a lifetime. It is wrong.
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