I am sorry President Obama but I can’t support you on this one. First of all, don’t you get charged for every phone call on cell phones regardless if you make them or receive them. It is highly unfair to be charged for debt collection calls and secondly, student loans would not be in arrears if there were jobs available to those students who are doing what you are supposed to do. Get an education and you will find employment­, nowadays that plan is not working. Ask the young people at OccupyWall­Street. There needs to be a huge national discussion on how to explain the 200% increase in college costs across the board. This one factor, our outrageous educationa­l costs as opposed with all other countries, has multi-laye­red consequenc­es throughout our economy. Health care costs, lack of engineers, researcher­s gross over representa­tion in the financial sector. Those geniuses might not be at Wall Street if being at Harvard or MIT or anywhere else didn’t put you in debt for 100K and engineerin­g paid better.
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