I for one do not understand how anyone, regardless of color, can vote for the republican party. I find that their message is narrow-min­ded, judgmental and values greed above all else. The GOP demonizes government yet they fall over themselves to be elected so that they can stroll down the corridors of power. I don’t see government as the problem, I see it as the partner in our social contract, without our government doing its job our environmen­t, our schools, our roads, our telecommun­ications systems would fall into chaos and it would be everyone for himself. We are already seeing that with each new cut. I don’t subscribe to handouts and that is not what the left is all about, A better comparison is the way the right views government with suspicion and hostility is the way I view the corporatoc­racy that has dominated our political and economic society for 4 decades. However, I feel that given the steady decline that the 90% have lived through because of policies instituted on behalf of government influenced by that very corporatoc­racy through political donations and the golden revolving door between K street and Government­. The umbilical cord that exists between the two needs to be severed. The OccupyWall­Street movement speaks to that and to so many other issues. Their movement is one that I stand behind and I know that many more will become engaged as the month of October unfolds.
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