What the politician­s and their donors are counting on, and it’s a mistake, is that the American people are so stressed and consumed by their own personal financial problems that whatever protest they might make will soon fizzle out because they don’t have the resources to hunker down and keep fighting.N­ow that the unions across the board have joined OccupyWall­Street and that the Occupy movement has spread it has taken a life of its own, I think that Washington D.C had better stop with every other bill they are working on and vote to pass the JOBS Act now to at least show that JOBS are important. The democratic leadership needs to double down on fighting for every JOBS bill that they have introduced previously­, they need to join with the A.G’s from New York and California in investigat­ing the foreclosur­e frauds, they need to tell the people that enough with the hysterical cutting of important social programs, we are here to invest in this country and in our people. Show the 99% support, you democratic political leaders. Do your job.
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