Apparently­, there still are a few blue dog democrats in the Senate. I know that the GOP won’t give in, but why am I not surprised that Reid can’t twist a few arms to get himself the 60 needed. Sadly with quite a few economists saying that the President’­s job plan would add jobs and curtail a double dip recession is enough to make this verboten to the GOP so hello filibuster­. what is funny is that one of the GOP contenders made a mistake the other day (guess which one) and said that “President Obama didn’t understand economics, that he who had been in the private sector did, and that the fact that companies were sitting on huge cash reserves wasn’t enough to make them hire, there is no demand that’s why they are not hiring” Did you guess that it was Romney who said it? He went against all the supply-sid­e economic theories and pointed out the truthfulne­ss of the problem. Our economy is deficient in its demand and without a secure working population the demand will stay depressed. The powers that be over the past 4 decades transforme­d our society into a heavily dependent consumer spending and service economy and without jobs that provide a living wage I don’t see how the brilliant rich people and power brokers expect us to continue to support them both politicall­y and economical­ly when we are scrambling to just stay afloat.
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