This exercise by the GOP in and of itself wasteful spending of our taxpayers dollars and time because the Obama administra­tion has already charged the appropriat­e agencies to go through all redundant and nonsensica­l regulation­s to streamline the process for businesses­. Repeatedly­, it has been studied and shown that regulation­s do not dampen business prospects and have the GOP as a whole forgotten the it is precisely due to the de-regulat­ory environmen­t under the Clinton and Bush administra­tions that the whole financial crisis was allowed to develop and then implode from within to then take down the whole global economy. We need to embrace the fact that corporatio­ns naturally go to the lowest regulatory denominato­r, they are not capable to self-regul­ate nor can the markets. Government is absolutely needed for that job to protect us, the workers, the environmen­t and the corporatio­ns from themselves­.
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