This has been stated over and over again by so many commentato­rs, just because the word “super” is put before congress or committee doesn’t mean that the entity made up of exactly the same people in the “normal” will do anything differentl­y. The congress seems to think that they are fooling us into thinking that they are working really hard for our interests, when in reality, they are spending all their time making back room deals with companies, lobbyists and rich donors, carving up wealth while the average person is scrounging around looking for a job, or if they have one, desperate to keep it and begging for more hours. Are these congresspe­ople feeling as overwhelme­d as I am by the amount of problems there are to be fixed? The housing and underwater mortgage situation, the honest percentage of unemployme­nt 17%, student loan bubble, more natural disasters coming, fossil fuel crisis, our failure to be competitiv­e in new technology and the third industrial revolution and the list goes on. Aside from progressiv­es who want to engage the new century head on, I don’t see the GOP speaking to a future, they seem to want to go back to circa 1900 i.e Ron Paul and his ilk.
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