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If I simply ignore the words, sinner and saint, I’d always rather laugh than cry, sometimes I laugh so hard that I cry and get a two for one, very satisfying indeed. However, the question isn’t whether I would rather laugh or cry? The dilemma is would I still rather laugh if it meant that I would be sharing company with sinners? Conversely, would I still want to be in the company of saints if it meant crying all the time?

I am strong in my own beliefs and personality that being around “sinners” wouldn’t lead me down the wrong path. Often, it seems that the “sinners” do have a lot more laughs, but what exactly do we mean by sinners? On the flip side, how does one define a saint?

I love Billy Joel as a song writer, but his black and white depiction of dull and staid saints juxtaposed against fun and flamboyant sinners, doesn’t do justice to either group, but it still is a great song. “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. Only the good die young.”

I want my cake and eat it too, laugh with the sinners and the saints and cry as little as possible. I think that I would make it a point to help the saints laugh, as it has been proven that laughter is good for the body and good for the soul. I than would have the sinners examine their conscious so that if tears were needed to cleanse some guilt, they would be accessible. The most that we can hope for is a balance, not too much crying or sinning yet as much laughter as possible, with as much goodness as we can manage.