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I think that, without knowing it, I have dabbled in the dramatic monologue. When our friend Daryl at Word Press wrote his post on the merits of the dramatic monologue, as I was reading it and his points about how authors either purposefully or subconsciously bring out personality traits, character flaws within the parameters of the narrator’s or author’s monologue. I immediately flashed to posts that I had written, first as a response to a topic, and then inevitably would lead to comma ridden sentences, rambling on about my experiences and thoughts related directly or indirectly to the topic. I can’t imagine what it is like to read my posts as a stranger, my impression after reading my posts, of course, are nothing nut subjective. However, since I live with myself and within my head, I treat my posts as an extension of that ever recurring inner dialogue with myself. I don’t know how to read my stuff as an impartial third-party would. I’d be curious to be able to have that experience to see if I would enjoy what I write.

For example, there have been a few posts where my struggles with personal issues had come into the conversation and informed my response to the topic even though the two weren’t related. I wouldn’t use the topic as a stepping stone to exercise my demons, the writing of my internal struggles and fights organically emerge during the writing process. I have said it several times, that since I have begun this writing journey, it has become a strong therapeutic tool that I eagerly put to use everyday. I am thankful that I have stumbled upon this blog site, it has opened a whole new world for me, it is great.