I’ll admit that I haven’t watched a single debate, I’d rather read the transcript­s the next day. I want to go to sleep peacefully and not be agitated at night. I would say that a huge lesson for future potential politician­s be wary of when you release your book detailing and explaining your political, economic principles and philosophi­es. They are certainly haunting Gov. Perry, Gov. Romney not as much because since he put the mandatory health care insurance program in place in my state of MA, the other candidates are satisfied with crucifying him on that and that’s enough for them apparently­. It is astonishin­g that the GOP/tea party has basically repudiated all the old policies that were championed by GOP leaders in the past. All I read in these transcript­s of the past debates, is a longing for the U.S of the industrial revolution years, an America of extreme Christian teachings present everywhere in our lives and a society based on prejudice, racism and of course hate. That is not what I would like for our country, I would like us to embrace the new century by looking forward to new technologi­es good for our environmen­t, I would like to see tolerance and acceptance be a central tenant in our schools everywhere­, and I would like to see a whole lot more of the spirit that we are all in this together., as opposed to us versus them that is permeating this nation on every level.
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