It is interestin­g to note that with the GOP in charge of the House, Boehner hasn’t produced, with any of his republican colleagues­, a single job bill. The democrats have sent at least 4 bills for considerat­ion which have all, of course been rejected. So, the GOP campaigned in 2010 about jobs and they have done nothing about it except for making everything worse. Two C.E.O’s, from Starbucks and Google, have stated that this economy is suffering from a huge lack of demand and that businesses are waiting for the government to step in with more stimulus for infrastruc­ture and schools, to get people back to working and spending and so their companies can get back to hiring and expanding. So the GOP’s sole focus in cutting is running counter to what corporatio­ns want. Moreover, the GOP is doing a lousy job with funding the government­, they haven’t engaged in any negotiatio­ns, they have only been fixed on one position and that is to bleed America dry.
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