The study of numererology isn’t something that I know anything about, which in this instance is a pity because some clue as To the importance of certain numbers would be helpful with this post. Nevertheless, here goes with a little fun with numbers.

Two is a good solid number. As a number, it is one of the easiest numbers to manipulate in any type of mathematical equation. Whenever I saw the number two, I knew that half the battle was over, the answer would easily be found.

Two describes how many children I have, two is how many children my parents had, two is how many parents I had. Two is half of my family unit.

Two is the number of dogs I have, also two is the number of fish I have.
I have two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet, two kidney’s. The body has two of a lot of important organs.

For not knowing the specific significance of numbers in general, I came up with a few good ways that the number two has relevance in my life.