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I’ve been awarded a “Versatility Blogger Award” by my friend from Wee Scoops, here at WordPress. I accept this award
humbly, I like awards, and now it’s my turn to pay it forward. I need to describe seven things about myself that people may not know and I need to award five bloggers this award. The awarding is easy because I know exactly who deserves it.

1. I love baking and cooking.
2. Even after all these years of baking and cooking I still get nervous serving those for whom I baked and cooked.
I still love doing it.
3. I am not a fashionista by any means. Give me comfort.
4. I hate camping.
5. I love hiking.
6. I adore Top Gear BBC America and Doctor Who and Torchwood.
7. I love, love gardening.

My friend at Wee Scoops, not because it’s reciprocating but because as I tell her often she has a talent for this.
Jackie Paulson because she is a dynamo and so versatile that she has to have an award, she practically named it.
Tilly Bud because she is the laughing housewife and we need that so much.
My friend at Snotting Black because I admire her style.
Kolembo who has a beautiful feeling for poetry and words.