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First of all, my choice is limited by the person’s size, they can’t be big, tall perhaps, but not big, because I’m claustrophobic and that is a huge factor in the choice of person. A foxhole is tight and I need to be able to function and I’m assuming that myself and the person that I pick will be in a potentially dangerous situation such as a battlefield. With that in mind, I would be looking for someone calm in a crisis and quick thinking. Johnny Depp keeps popping up in my mind. Captain Jack Sparrow has been great on the big screen in several tight situations, he is entertaining and easy on the eyes, I could do worse. If you are in a foxhole in the midst of a battlefield, why not be with someone inclined to be silly and spontaneous as well. Captain Jack with his skill in guns and swords plus his remarkable amount of luck, I would be in good hands and good company. Captain Jack would force me to stay on my toes, keep alert and be prepared for unexpected which are all attributes in a combat zone. I’m very satisfied with my choice. Good times in the foxhole.