I know that there is an psychologi­cal ambivalenc­e towards taxing the rich to high even within people who will never inhabit that lofty class way up there in the sky. Psychologi­sts have done studies to find out why there is a segment of our population that will vote for agenda’s that are clearly against their self-inter­est and that is one of the reasons, this crazy notion that increasing the tax on the wealthy would be bad because what if I win lotto, I don’t want to pay at a higher rate like 65%. It is crazy but even with President Obama’s low ball the GOP is all up in arms calling it class warfare that feeds into that psychologi­cal mindset of don’t mess with my dream and when the GOP double down with taxing the wealthy is taxing the “job creators”, they have tapped into a vein of doubt towards the democratic strategy of trying to get the wealthy to pay their fair share.
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