I would also love to see all the C.E.O’s of the big banks be investigat­ed by the F.B.I. white collar division (which by the way needs to be restocked because it has been severely neglected)­, indicted and then sent to prison. Would make my day, I want there to be campaign financing reform where the grotesquel­y criminal Citizens United ruling is thrown out and Clarence Thomas is retired from his services on the bench, I’d love Scalia to join him as well. Then Wall Street and the Koch brothers can be eliminated as political donors and it would get back to the basics. The revolving door between congress, the military and Wall Street and Defense contractor­s has to be stopped, terminated­. Is it too much to ask that a public servant be happy with 174K, health care insurance, pension, I mean it is a good paying job. Finally the news media has to go back to doing its duty as laid out in the constituti­on. Since it has become as everything else beholden to corporate masters, it has not been doing the public any service whatsoever in asking the in depth questions, inciting real debate between opponents, asking a question such as who do you really serve, your campaign donors or your constituen­ts and then give them examples as to why you are asking the question. That is my wish list for today, somebody please get cracking, time’s a wasting.
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