I told him where I was going, and he hurried me out, pointing to the door with a gun, but what he didn’t know was that waiting for me at my destination was my partner, my back up plan. When you’re in my business, you live or die by your back up plan. I had utmost confidence in mine, he is six feet five inches of lean muscle, lightening fast reflexes, quiet, reliable and would lay his life down on a dime for me.

This punk thought that he held all the cards, dismissing me as any potential threat because of my sex and size. Did I let that bother me? No, my goal was to get rid of this annoyance as quickly as possible. My mate and I had more important work to do and as soon as I was within range of my destination, my mate would be in range to put the annoying punk out of the equation and we can then proceed with our mission. The punk made a poor choice when he mistook me for an easy target, he’s lucky that we operate on the principle of no blood-letting except under extreme duress and even then we frown upon it. Our mission is of the utmost importance and it being carried out as cleanly as possible gives it a legitimacy that cannot be bought.

My mate and I are off to extract the files that we have been searching for, for 4 years now, that will eliminate beyond a shadow of a doubt the existence of the shadow bankers and their organization, all the data, all the accounts, all the lackeys, all the government officials worldwide that are beholden to these shadow bankers, they who run the world with the sole purpose of creating more and more wealth only for their disposal.

This information must be brought out into the light, no matter the cost. Our society as a world of people, needs to be freed from all the lies the shadow bankers promote through their journalistic puppets, their political mouthpieces and their corporate minions.

We will be successful, our freedom from their financial tyranny must come to an end. It starts with the lid blowing of the reality of this criminal organization. I must leave you now, my mate and I have work to do. If we don’t make it, someone must take up the gauntlet and continue our mission. We aren’t important, the mission is, for us and our future.