This addresses an age old dilemma and is at the heart of what we are fighting about. What is fair in terms of wages? How do we reconcile keeping low prices for consumers and keeping wages very depressed with a certain standard of living? We have seen first hand how potentiall­y devastatin­g it is to the middle class when the median wage remains stagnant for 30 to 40 years and the cost of living increases especially for education and health care are staggering­ly high. In the restaurant business and at home, I have done my fair sharing of cleaning and picking through crabs, it is painful on the hands and it is extremely tedious. The work itself merits a higher wage but as we see in the article the businesses are crying poverty if it happens hence the dilemma. Keeping wages depressed to keep prices competitiv­e and affordable for the maximum amount of people is going to be increasing­ly difficult in this ever more socially connected world. We need a new paradigm and fast.
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