I don’t really have a go to process for making decisions. I’m trying to think back to a decision that I made recently and the really big decisions are always made in tandem with my husband. Those decisions always entail money so that is why we are both involved. With monetary decisions, it tends to be straight forward, can we afford the monthly commitment, do we really need it, is there anything else that takes precedent? Other types of decision-making that concern only my input are the mundane things in life. What do I make for dinner, do I get up early to walk 50 minutes? Speaking of walking, I confess that I haven’t done it in two weeks. The first week was because I felt seriously under the weather and very emotional and the second week I thought that the sky would never stop unleashing its millions of tears on our little mountain. So now, tomorrow I will make my early morning decision, do I walk or not. I’m not feeling up to snuff, really and truly. Perhaps a good walk would do me good, I’ll see tomorrow when I wake up to wake my daughter up for school. I will not feel guilt however, those days of tormenting myself because I didn’t adhere to a strict regimen of exercise are gone (more or less). It is not good for me or my mental health to be so severe with myself. So, again, tomorrow I will see how I feel.