Dan Brown’s book Angels and Demons talks of the centuries old fight of the Illuminati and the Church, specifical­ly the Vatican. To be an Illuminati is to be a scientist and thus evil because science refutes God’s existence or at least doesn’t give enough respect or credit to God. I can see how the Christian Right came about with that theory. I think that the Free Masons also came under fire from the Church in Dan Brown’s books, but I’m not sure if that ever came to pass in reality because if it did, then the Christian Right would have to revisit their whole Founding Fathers wanted a Christian nation because most of the Founding Fathers were Free Masons. It is scary how some groups take history and force it to fit their world view and not let history itself form their world view. Which brings up to question whose history is accurate? That would be a good question for the Board of Education down in Texas. They appear to determine what gets into the textbooks. Makes you think.
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