Berjaya Redang Resort

My two very good friends and I were in Mexico in Alcapulca in 1987. We were having a grand time, at a club one night we met two very nice guys who were brothers. They asked us to meet them the next day and they offered to take us out on their boat. The three of us, thinking that they were nice decided to meet them the following morning. We all met up at the port and they brought along their Papa with water skis to give us lessons. We spent the whole entire day with them boating and I learned how to water ski thanks to Papa, they even brought a Punic lunch for us. Towards the evening before they took us back, they gave us a boat tour of the gorgeous estates on the water. Amazing experience and it remains one of my best memories, however, this could have easily gone horribly wrong as many of you must be thinking. Three young ladies in a foreign country should not be getting in a boat with strangers.

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