This is my simple post about today September 11th, 2011. I watched this morning as many brave people read the names of those we had lost on that awful day 10 years ago. I waited until I heard our dear friend’s name and then my husband and I shut off the t.v because another minute would have been unbearable. Yesterday, I wrote in one of my comments that I am tired of commemorating the anniversary of that tragic day. Instead I would like to one day celebrate the end of our so-called “war on terror”. September 11th has cost us more than the immediate death of 3000 people. It has cost us the health of all those first responders, it has cost us many of our civic liberties and it has cost us too many of our young soldiers both in deaths and in debilitating injuries. Moreover it has cost us untold trillions of dollars that could have gone to helping the first responders with their ongoing battles for their health, rebuild our decaying infrastructures and investing in our younger ones. I just hope that all those who have been left behind by their lost loved ones remember that love never dies, just like energy, it changes but doesn’t die. Some small piece of comfort, hopefully.