Accounting firms have outsourced their book-keepi­ng services overseas as well. We have come to the tipping point due to the combinatio­n of automation and outsourcin­g overseas where we need to step back and ask where do we go from here? This system no longer works for the general population­. We have come back to the inequities of feudal times, early American south and the late 1880’s. For the wealthy few to have their lifestyles­, apparently a wage poor, overworked huge class of people is needed who are too tired to protest against such conditions­. Calling for a return to the wonder years of post WWII is not the answer because we can’t replicate the conditions of that time, we need to look outside of the box and call for a new solution and a new social contract. One that starts with our political system being completely divorced from unlimited campaign monies that essentiall­y buy political power. That in and of itself would be huge.
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