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“My message to the GOP, stop trying to put the financial onus onto the states to get projects done. The states cannot financially tackle infrastruc­ture projects such as the one President Obama is proposing, they are not allowed to engage in deficit spending, the federal government is which is why it is better equipped to facilitate projects that will benefit the states in the long run. Another point that I need to make over and over again, we are not broke. The GOP chooses to allow the tax cuts for the wealthy to fuel the deficit as is the case also with military spending. If we have enough money for that then we also have enough money to fix our decaying core. The GOP is building a house of cards on what used to be a good solid foundation of steel. It will eventually just topple over because there won’t be anything left to hold it together. We need to shore up the middle class now with policies aimed at restoring manufactur­ing in this country alongside with research and developmen­t.”