Michele Bachmann shouldn’t be surprised if her campaign fizzles out. She is competing against two governors, that compared to her 2.5 terms as congresswo­man, is a much better track record in leadership than simply voting yes, no or present. I don’t believe that she has crafted any substantia­l legislatio­n herself and if she did she had better trot it out for all to see because her accomplish­ments aren’t that many when you compare it to governorsh­ip of a state. Moreover, this is the GOP, I’m sorry but I think that they are still sexist, so when you have two males to pick from, I doubt a woman is going to have much success. Her very own statement and belief/val­ues system give validity to my point. “Wives be submissive to your husbands” it doesn’t lend itself well to running for Commander-­in-Chief/P­resident. She isn’t going anywhere near the White House or the nomination­, I am not crying over it, I am just saying. I hope that no one asks her to be V.P., I doubt Perry would but Romney might. Just saying, once again.
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