My mother and aunt are going on a great trip to visit the Grand Canyon and the surrounding sights. I would like that to be on my bucket list.
I hope that I have the determination and fortitude to write a book, that is the most important item of my bucket list.
I would like to be a grandmother.
I would like to see an opera.
I would like to visit Thailand.
I would like to go back to school for a M.A.and perhaps a PH.D in political science.
I would love to buy a fixer-upper in Le Canon in France and make it my dream house.
I would love to go snow skiing out west either in Colorado or Utah.
I would love to take a voyage on the Orient Express all the way to the very end.
I would love to go down the Amazon.
I think that I’ll stop for now because this list is pretty ambitious enough, I don’t want to make my bucket list out of reach and then it is no longer about the adventures but about checking off the list itself.