I understand how many progressiv­es and liberals are disenchant­ed with president Obama. That he doesn’t speak with enough anger and that he seeks to spread the blame across the board instead of placing it on the right side, which funny enough, happens to be to the extreme right. In his defense we do forget 2 especially infuriatin­g turn coats, Ben Nelson and Lieberman and a few others as well. However, how do we come to terms with the fact that despite 8 long years of bad economic and political policies, a good portion of our voting populace votes the republican­s in? Also, let us not forget those who instead of doing their job, stay at home and then complain that the country is not moving in the right direction. It’s not just the President that we vote in, it’s also the congress and the senate, if we vote in a crazy group, then what can we expect? Add into the mix, the right wing activist Supreme Court, who let in every rich person on a let’s buy a campaign shopping spree, with their horrible Citizen’s United ruling, and we have a recipe for a long and drawn out battle for 2012. I am still trusting in President Obama do try to do what he can to get us back to a stronger place.
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