Very good points and an excellent question and answer.How did we get here? Greed is the answer partly, fear is another part of the answer. Those two answers are very poor reasons to base public policy on, yet that is what has happened. Why has the finance industry dominated the job market, the so called opportunit­y to make increasing­ly crazy boat loads of money, why be a brilliant engineer or scientist for no money and be in debt for years when you can apply your intelligen­ce to gaming the markets? The fear factor has led us to political policies that demonized us in the Middle East and also led our government to adopt policies curtailing our civil liberties while fostering a suspicious stance onto the “other”, sending further divisivene­ss onto our society. These issues will need a lot of courage, strength and conviction to be reversed and for as long as it took to become entrenched in society, it will take as long to be undone. Which is why the dialogue must continue and the questions continued to be asked and asked again, if the answer doesn’t seem right. It will be a challenge but that is what this country was forged by challenges being met and better things coming from that.
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