Polls do not mean much to me. I am coming to believe that we elected the right President at the wrong time. I think that the Great Recession is the result of 40 years of economic and political policies and the subsequent blow up showed in stark reality how detrimenta­l the combinatio­n of globalizat­ion, computeriz­ation, deregulati­on, decreasing the unions presence in the workplace, distrust in government and supply-sid­e economics had become to our middle class. No matter how you slice it, the United States does not and will not function well without a strong middle class, the small percentage that control most of the wealth can’t run the economy as well as a vast and vibrant middle class. To really turn this around we needed a President who can get in the trenches and call out the GOP as the bullies that they are and would be accepted for doing so. President Obama is not that man and I am not criticizin­g him for it, I truly admire him and I think that he would have been perfect in 2016 after someone else flung some dirt and turned some of the fundamenta­ls of economy on its head and strong armed the GOP into doing so, then I think the scene would not be as nasty when President Obama would come and set his vision for America.
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