1967, the year my parents emigrated to this country, joining my grandparents and my great-aunt and uncle, and I was born.
1968, this year marked the election of Richard Milhouse Nixon to the White House and the assassination of Robert Kennedy, another Kennedy lost to us too soon. I’m still a baby and I don’t remember anything.
1969, Golda Meir was elected as the first female prime minister of Israel, meanwhile Yassir Arafat became President of the P.L.O and Assad Sr. came to power in Syria by way of a military coup. I’m two years old and I still don’t remember anything.
1970, I am three years old, Muommar Gaddafi comes to power in Libya and the first Earth day is celebrated.
1971, this is the year my baby sister is born and I remember her coming home, I love my baby sister!
1972, this is the year I start kindergarten, I really like school but I’m sick all the time.
1973, I start first grade with Sister Amelia, she has a beautiful singing voice.
1974, my second grade teacher Ms. D’Amato scares me because she yells at the class a lot.
1975, my third grade teacher the other Ms. D’Amato the older sister scares me even more than the first one, she screams louder.
1976, this is the bi-centennial of our country and I remember the procession of beautiful ships down by South Street seaport in New York city.
1977, I’m 10 years old and for some reason the summer of 77 in New York City seemed dangerous and really hot.
1978, at this point I’m in sixth grade and I definitely want to be a doctor when I grow up.
1979, my class and I are becoming aware of violent events going on in Iran and that our President is having a hard time.
1980, Ronald Reagan is elected President and he says that government is the problem, I never forget that because it made me sad.
1981, I graduate from elementary school and I’m accepted to St. Francis Preparatory High School.
1982, my first boyfriend Jason breaks my heart and the rest of the school year is so painful.
1983, time does its part and heals my heart, I’m still doing well in school as of now.
1984, school begins to lose its allure and my rebellion starts, I runaway, I come back and I learn my lesson.
1985, I regain my love of learning and my equilibrium, graduate from high school and start freshman year at S.U.N.Y at Albany.
1986, I despise S.U.N.Y and beg my mother to come home, she says yes and I apply and get accepted to N.Y.U.
1987, I start simultaneously full-time at N.Y.U and full-time at my job at Conran’s/Habitat.
1988, at this point I have become anorexic, hiding it from everyone, and spend the summer in London doing a summer program with N.Y.U London taking two courses in British Arts and Shakespeare.
1989, graduate with high honors from N.Y.U, accepted to law school in CA, decide to defer admission for another year. Still anorexic but my mother figures it out and puts her foot down, requiring me to eat and gain weight, it is difficult.
1990, working full-time for Conran’s/Habitat as a catalog coordinator and very happy doing so. I meet my husband and nine months late, we are married.
1991, I become a mother on October 30th and celebrate my first wedding anniversary on November 17th.
1992, I become pregnant again and I lose the baby.
1993, I become pregnant again and this time she wants to come out early but we persuade her with medication to stay put.
1994, the princess is released from the womb and we are a four unit family. Yay!
1995, we move from the city to the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, and we get a dog, a black labrador named Marshall.
1996, my son starts first grade and my daughter starts pre-school.
1997, my son is in second grade, my daughter starts kindergarten and I start teaching French to the younger grades at their school. I also get my first operation to cut out the skin cancer on my lip.
1998, I get the opportunity to go to Costa Rica for 10 days in the jungle, I come home with a tropical virus, I’m deathly sick for 3 months.
1999. I get invited by my friend who took me to Costa Rica to the Cayman Islands for scuba diving, I almost drown at 150 feet. The last time I was ever allowed to go on her crazy trips, I don’t do too well.
2000, my children and I take my mother-in-law and her friend to France with us for her first overseas trip and we show her our family’s home in France.
2001, my family and I lost a very dear old family friend on September 11th and we get another dog, a German Shepard, named Rex.
2002, I’m still teaching French at my children’s school and my son graduated from sixth grade.
2003, my son is now in a different school than his sister. We lose my father through violent means, he was mugged for his money and killed as a result.
2004, my son skips a grade and we are still dealing with the loss of my father.
2005, this is the last summer that we spend in France with my family for a while now.
2006, my daughter graduates from sixth grade and my son is in high school.
2007, I’m really sick and I get admitted to the hospital with liver and kidney failures, that pesky tropical virus did more damage than previously known,
2008, I’m still recovering, my daughter is starting high school and my son is winding down with his high school career.
2009, my son graduated from high school and started college, turned eighteen and my daughter is fifteen.
2010, my daughter is now sweet sixteen and driving and my son is a sophomore.
2011, I am writing daily on WordPress, Plinky and Huffington post.