I hope and pray that President Obama will call for a huge infrastruc­ture project on his jobs speech, the constructi­on industry has been hit extremely hard and that industry when working produces a great ripple effect throughout the surroundin­g local economies. That is what we are looking for, jobs re-emergin­g in communitie­s that have been hit hard from the housing debacle. What is frustratin­g is that the GOP campaign thread is locked on a continuous loop, “no federal spending, deficits bad” What makes me so angry is that the GOP did not care about bankruptin­g “the children’s future” with the 2 rounds of tax cuts, and the 2 wars. Yet when we are in need of some serious stimulus, which the first did work by the way, they are crying about deficits. I don’t have the space to lay out how illogical their thinking is when it comes to economics. All I can say is their petty hypocrisy makes me incredibly angry.
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