A good dinner party isn’t only about the food but also about the conversation. Lately, the political scene on the right has been dominated by a very Christian bent and I would be interested to explore religious questions more fully. For this reason, I would love to have Mohammed, Jesus, the Dali Lama, Buddha, Mary Magdalene and Confucius as my guests. I would ask them how they feel about different religions and how they can co-exist without all the hatred and judgement. I would ask them if they found the whole “my religion is the right one and yours isn’t”, distressing and basically besides the point. I would also ask if mankind missed the whole point of God and love? I envision an education to the highest degree listening to the conversation between these luminaries. The philosophy and spirituality of my guests would be an inspiration.

I’m sure that my guest list is unoriginal in the extreme and I don’t care, these guests would be really important in explaining the whole religion thing and when and how it all went wrong. God and religion should not be in the same vicinity as violence, hatred and bloodshed. I would really love to throw my dinner party but I know that my guests would be a no-show. Boo on that.