In April of 1997, I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on my upper lip. I was going to turn 30 that coming August, and the last thing that I, or the various doctors that I had gone to see, was the result from the biopsy to be skin cancer. My dermatologist, who was wonderful, referred me to two fantastic specialists practicing at Tuft’s Medical Center in Boston, MA. The prognosis was iffy because there was no way to know the extent of the damage until the cancerous section was excised. The worst case scenario was that the cancer had completely eaten through my upper lip and I’d have to have my lips sewn together in such a way as to graft a piece of the lower lip to the upper lip. The best case scenario was that the only graft needed would be taken from behind my ear and attached to my upper lip. The difference between the two scenario’s was the amount of time that I’d have to spend without opening my mouth, 2 weeks versus 2-3 months. It worked out to be the best case scenario with only 2 weeks of not speaking or eating solid food, hooray for me in all seriousness. Which brings me to the point of the story. Since I was facing some time without eating good food, my husband decided to lift my spirits by bringing me to the classic French restaurant Maison Robert. The restaurant and the service both lived up to their well deserved reputation. As the courses came out, each one more lovely and delicious as the one that came before, I couldn’t help but franch each morsel right up while my husband wanting to keep the spirits uplifted and light, kept me in stitches and had me cachinnate during the whole meal in between the many courses. A wonderful older Jewish lady came to the table and told both of us, “how delightful to see a young couple enjoy each others company as much as we did”. She was so kind. That was almost 7 years of marriage for us, this year will mark 21 years and I still cachinnate whenever he decides to be funny and we are out together and we still get those looks.