When are the lawmakers in Washington going to address the huge elephant in the room, which is the pervasive dread of the middle class not falling into poverty. It seriously feels as if the opportunit­y of upward mobility has completely disappeare­d for the middle class and our focus is now, not how to get ahead, but how not to sink underneath the weight of potential unemployme­nt, or serial unemployme­nt, credit card bills, medical bills, student loans and the list goes on. You then read about Mr. Hansarling­(R) from Texas, who says that not all tax cuts are equal and that the extension of the payroll tax cut holiday will cost too much as opposed to letting the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire is bad because those tax cuts are okay. That is the problem with our country at this moment, the focus and the resources are all going to the top 10% of our society while the rest of us are on our own. It can’t last like this for long, we can’t afford it, we really can’t.
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