We just went to see “Conan the Barbarian”, the remake with Jason Momoa as Conan. I grew up watching Arnold Schwarzenegger as “The Conan” so I was really interested to see what they were going to do with the remake. The actor they found to play Conan, is an actor that my hubby and I have watched for a while now, on the Syfy channel. His name is Jason Momoa and he was part of an ensemble cast of the series Stargate Atlantis. We are huge science fiction fans, and my husband always says that science fiction people love their science fiction actors, it is a small loyal community. We were pleasantly surprised to find Jason playing the barbarian lord in the HBO series “Games of Thrones”. We have to wait until next summer for more episodes of “Game of Thrones”, HBO is cruel that way, they give you a new series to get caught up in and leave you hanging for almost 10 months with a cliff-hanger.

Back to “Conan the Barbarian”, if you have any love for the original, don’t worry you will not be disappointed or angry with the treatment of Conan the character. Jason does not disappoint and I have to say, I think that he is a good actor. The special effects are much better this time around and that actually made us a little nostalgic for the good old days. In our opinion Arnold’s’ Conan will always be his, but we definitely loved Jason’s Conan. The storyline was realistically done in the fantasy realm. The supporting actors that play strong roles in the movies are all great character actors such as Ron Perlman and Stephen Lang, you also get a great newish actress Rachel Nichols, who does a bang up job as the heroine. Rose McGowan balances out the story with her dark turn as the sorceress.

The hubby and I are movie freaks, we will watch anything and everything under the sun. I say this to let you know that what we like is not hob knob or intellectual. Our favorite movies of all time are Willow and Princess Bride. We like basically everything, especially if it’s on HBO, then we have to watch. I say this so that you will take this movie review with a grain of salt, movies are expensive nowadays so know your source before you take their advice.