Sunday should be a day of rest and relaxation. A day to revel in your senses. A sumptuous breakfast in bed delivered from room service in a five-star hotel in the country of your choice would make for a perfect start to your day. A warm balmy day on the mediterranean sea in the town of Beaulieu would be a plus and my choice as destination for the Sunday of perfection. Next item on the agenda would be to don the most comfortable attire to read and lounge near the pool which is attended to by the most discreet bartenders and waiters known to the industry. They can anticipate your every whim. Fresh fruit is readily available on every table as with freshly pressed lemonade and orange juice. What to do about lunch? Do I want to walk to town and enjoy a wonderful luncheon at a lovely Bistro or do I go shopping at the local boulangerie, the epicerie and the local Traiteur to get a wonderful assortment of ready to eat smackerals for a picnic on the beach? I think that I will go with the picnic on the beach and save the Bistro for dinner.

So, for the shopping trip to town for my picnic, like I said, I need to go to the boulangerie to get a nice warm baguette. Afterwards, I’ll be browsing the epicerie, which is a store that focuses solely on spices, smoked and cured meats and pates, terrines and confits. Foods that all we Frenchies adore. I think I’ll pick up a few slices of a country pate, a container of fresh picholine green olives and the tiny oil cured olives nicoises. Next stop is to the Traiteur which is the shop that concentrates its efforts on prepared meals. There I’ll be picking up a container of grated carrot salad, prepared tiny pink shrimp, fresh mussels in a simple vinaigrette. Lastly, I’ll be stopping at the patisserie for dessert, the choices will be mind-numbingly beautiful and delectable. How to choose what piece I want for dessert, I don’t know. I’ll have to muddle through and pick one, a chocolate eclair, perhaps.

After spending an hour walking through the town, visiting the shops, picking out all the delectable morsels for my picnic, it’s time to head to the beach and indulge myself with my picnic. Eating right on the beach near the water, relaxing without a care in the world. This is what a perfect Sunday is all about. The only thing on my mind is how good every bite is and how drowsy I feel right about now. My eyes are half closed, my body has found the perfect indentation in the sand and I’m now doing the most important part of the lunchtime meal, slow digestion so as not to stress the body.

Hours later, after doing the proper thing for myself and taking a rejuvenating nap, it is time to prepare for dinner. Nothing special planned for the evening, just a simple dinner at the local Bistro. I’ve been dreaming of having the classic Plateau de Fruits de Mer, this is a series of vertically placed platters of seafood with the plates, usually a trio, containing oysters, local steamed crab, fresh clams, shrimp and all this is served with a garlic mayonnaise, fresh baguette and butter. I’m probably too full for dessert but I’m not worried because tonight when I go to sleep, I’ll be dreaming of what I’m going to wake up to tomorrow, another beautiful breakfast in bed with beautiful pain aux raisins and a large pot of coffee.