I think that the odds of us being the only ones in the universe are smaller than the odds of us not being alone. Why would we be the only ones blessed to be alive in this wonderful world and universe? We can share existence and life, there is more than enough to go around. I feel very generous, if there is God and I do want to believe that there is God, I would think that He is generous as well. Why would he just create us? Why not others to suit other galaxies and universes?

I don’t understand why certain people feel threatened by the thought of other life-forms sharing the universe with us. It isn’t ours. Actually, I wish that we as a race could come to accept that the Earth isn’t ours, as well. We have only been appointed its steward, a job that we are failing at miserably. It would be nice if at some point a more advanced civilization would come, take pity on us, and offer some really good advice as to how we can turn the harm we have inflicted on our planet around. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift. We can’t wait for help from a higher plane, we need to take action now and continue to tell our respective governments that urgent action needs to be taken about the environment and our awful reliance on fossil fuel.

It’s interesting how easily one can go from one topic, UFO’s, to another topic, the environment, when you’re engaged in a free-flowing thought process, where the words flow from your head directly to your fingers, that tap the keyboard, that then appear on the computer screen. Funny, how instantaneous, it all is. I like the way I sometimes don’t know where the post will go or how it will end.