In any negotiatio­n, compromise is always the goal, of course both parties will argue their points as convincing­ly as possible to persuade the other party to come over to their position, but if that doesn’t work than compromise is the solution. And then you have the GOP. You can’t in any manner, shape or form say that democrats do not compromise­, they do in spades. The GOP with their obstinate refusal to consider revenue increase on those that can afford it are bringing this country down. Over in Europe, France and Germany are being proactive about the revenue question because they are up close to what happened in London. They realize that the privatizat­ion of all things in the public arena is bad for democracy as a whole. They also realize that wide gaps in income equality due to stagnant wages of workers and the predominan­ce of the financial sector leads to greater private household debt for middle class families in order to maintain their standard of living and it leads to public debt because with the decline of revenue and increased demand of social programs it all leads to debt. Unbridled capitalism has reached its apex, and it isn’t looking good for society as a whole.
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