I am torn between what Professor Palermo and R.J Eskow argue in their critique of President Obama, that he does not have the titanium spine required to stand up to the republican­s, and what Fareed Zakaria and Ezra Klein have to say, which is that a President has only so much power and given the parameters President Obama has accomplish­ed quite a bit, given the daily yelling and slamming he receives from both sides. I always wonder how other Presidents in the past such as F.D.R or L.B.J would have made out with the internet in place? Is it easier to govern when you are in a more insulated bubble, when there are not polls every five seconds? The jobs bills that have been presented in congress have all been proposed by democrats and they have all died silent deaths, funny we don’t hear much about that. The republican­s aren’t just a party of no but they are also a party of ONE idea, the idea of gutting. Gutting taxes for the wealthy, gutting regulation­s, environmen­tal and financial, gutting public education and gutting the social safety insurance that is paid into by the middle class and lower classes. I have yet to see anything proactive in terms of helping the middle class coming from the republican­s.
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