I like this ad because it speaks to the bigger picture and not just who will be in the White House in 2012. We, as the middle class, need to find a way to walk back the policies that have been introduced gradually during the last forty years but to be honest by both sides of the political spectrum. Perhaps in the beginning the favoritism of the global corporatio­n over the middle class interests was due to lack of foresight, but after the huge paydays the upper echelons reaped because of these policies, there was no turning back and the policies were knowingly adopted to keep the rich, richer at the expense of the middle class as a whole. We need to change campaign financing, kill Citizens United, bring back all the financial regulation­s from the New Deal era, eliminate any tax credit for outsourcin­g jobs, manufactur­ing gets number one priority, unions all around stop being punished for every imagined slight, public education gets priority and the list goes on. I think that we are going to see more and more progressiv­e groups protesting and organizing­, who knows we might have our own amber revolution­?
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