I am too aware that I’m supposed to think of nothing. I can feel my eyelids fluttering, I can also feel my mind in my brain, if that makes any sense. Thinking of nothing is really hard. I could try to take a nap but that won’t work because I often think myself to sleep. Forget about the dream state, I often wake up feeling exhausted from all the dreaming I engage in during the nocturnal hours.

I used to do yoga once a week and at the end our, practitioner would lead us through a relaxing meditative state, and that would be the closest to nothing my mind will probably ever find. I would often drift away to sleep without knowing. Being woken up by the movement of people getting ready to leave was always unsettling, I always felt abruptly plucked out of a safe place. I know that I should get back to yoga, it is a fantastic gift to oneself. In terms of mind, body and spiritual exercise, I can’t think of anything that compares. I’m not going to nag myself, but perhaps during the winter, I’ll start again and bring my daughter with me, she has expressed an interest and it would be a nice bonding experience for the both of us.

My experience with thinking of nothing being so limited, makes me wonder about how necessary is it for one to think of nothing? Is it a good exercise for your brain/mind to be able to turn off and rest your mind almost completely? Steve Colbert is a wonderful political humorist, who features many authors at the end of his show. You can find his program on Comedy Central at 11:30 p.m. He had a guest, a neuroscientist, who had written a book about the brain and all the different parts of your subconscious that battle it out everyday, it was fascinating. His research shows that your mind/brain is never off. They didn’t broach the practice of meditation, they were more or less engaged in a battle of wits regarding the mind and whet my appetite to learn more. If I have the time, I will endeavor to get a copy and let you know if thinking of nothing is truly possible and if it is, does it do any good?

Right now, I am going to engage in relaxing t.v viewing where my mind will be passively engaged by something and then finally lulled to sleep.