How are we the American public supposed to interpret this? Let’s see if I get this correct. Not only are a few Attorney Generals being pressured by the government to accept a settlement from the banks instead of going after them and finally achieving what should have happened at the outset, a loud crystal clear judicial condemnati­on of what the banks had done and thus would never be able to do it again, Matt Taibbi reported that the S.E.C had shredded thousands of documents showing Wall Street’s fraud and the Fed secretly lent the banks 1.2 trillion or is it billion, I can’t remember but it’s a lot of zeroes. What am I supposed to do with this informatio­n? I can’t vote them out. It’s in the “news”, contact my senator and my house rep’s, that will accomplish nothing. The lawmakers have decided that austerity for the rest of us is okay and supposedly it will get the economy back on track. They must think that we are dundeheads­, because once you know about the arrogance and criminalit­y of Wall Street, how can you believe that austerity is the answer. Why didn’t austerity apply to Wall Street and the big banks?
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