I have been venting quite a bit with my comments on the Huffington post. Since the GOP Presidential candidates have been spewing their nonsense about what is ailing the country, whose fault it is and how they are the best qualified to lead us out of our economic malaise, I have been writing for at least 2 hours a day, writing counter point to each and every false statement made by whoever is trying to get a headline. I have been extremely generous with my comments on Michele Bachmann, I believe that she is a hypocrite for accepting federal agricultural subsidies for the family farm yet decrying any federal spending for the less fortunate. That’s just one example, ever since Governor Perry has thrown his hat in, I’ve been faithfully reminding the readers that he has been chasing federal monies to help his state ever since he was elected Governor of Texas. I haven’t been as vocal with Romney, except to point out that when he was Governor of MA, the state was 47th in job employment, which is pretty lousy and he was the architect of health insurance mandated coverage plan that the government has adopted on the federal level. He is trying to distance himself and I critique that because it shows a lack of character.

With the state of the economy as it is, I write daily to vent because I, as so many Americans, am living in a state of constant stress and to hear the GOP presidential candidates campaign on a platform that refuses to address the lack of revenue in the deficit reduction talks and only address spending cuts that will overwhelmingly affect the less fortunate, makes me see red. Thank goodness I can write about it and get it out of my system, because no matter where my stress level is, as long as I can vent on the screen, I can sleep at night without any trouble.