I recently read an article based on an interview with “Dr. Doom” Nouriel Roubini from N.Y.U Stern School of Business. He said that Marx was correct that capitalism on its own is doomed to failure. We are seeing it now, or rather we have been seeing it for the past two decades but we as a society do not know what to do in its place. My professors­, older gentlemen, at N.Y.U, challenged us as to why was globalizat­ion such a good thing. They argued that it wasn’t and that globalizat­ion posed a threat to society as a whole. As a student, I paid attention but I questioned their worldview and thought it to be too inflexible and unable to keep up with the “modern” times. I have seen over the course of a few decades that their circumspec­tion should have been taken more seriously. We are at a moment where thinking outside the box is needed and perhaps that means stepping away from the “Global Village” or perhaps the “global third world” is more like it. U.K.Uncut and U.S Uncut are doing work to try to get their respective government­s to address the issue of corporate tax cheats. These protests that have happened throughout the world all have something in common, the unemployed refuse to take it anymore and are demanding to be heard. It is time that the government­s not only listen but respond to help the situation.
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