If I were God, well, first I have to get into the mindset of being God. Not that easy, because I have to reconcile how I would REALLY feel about the universe, earth and all of creation. This is all my own opinion. I think that most people think that God loves us and the thought is for the most part unquestioned. I think that the idea of God, loving man, is man projecting their humanity onto God. I was raised in Catholicism with the Bible and its teachings and after 17 years of hearing that God loves us and Jesus loves us and Mary loves us, I’m still not sure. God is God, why would he have to love us? I don’t have an answer.

So I am going to be as God and I will usher in creation as an experiment, because I am feeling creative. Am I feeling lonely? Why don’t I have a wife? Why don’t I have a husband? Why don’t I have at least friends, why am I alone? I want a friend, herein lies the problem, I am attaching human emotion to myself. I am God, I am above and beyond all that. Does God have an emotion? If God or I, have love to give to creation, than why don’t I have a companion?

I am making myself something, I am going to take a little particle of myself, a little piece of my energy. I am going to call it, for lack of a better name, the God Particle. This little piece of myself is going to behave like a simple, special stem cell, dividing and multiplying itself over and over again until, voila, an infinitely expansive universe is splayed out in front of me. One of the little surprises, my quirky little God particle left, is a brilliant array of shiny hot stars of increasing and decreasing size. So far, I like what I see, it feels right and I can see something pulsing and moving all around me. My space, the void around me is no longer empty, it is full of something.

Can my little God particle make something different? What if I take a God particle from a different piece of myself? Would that one make something different? What do I want to put in this moving, vibrant universe? I like the stars very, very much. I think that they should be the center of the universe, they make me happy.

It has been awhile since I unleashed my trusty God particle, I am thinking that my canvas needs additional players. What would enhance the space and the stars? I’m going to let a few God particles do their job and surprise me. I see what my indecision has achieved and I have to admit, I am satisfied with the results of letting energy seek its own form. I now see great spheres circling around my favorite star, the one I have named Sun. Farther away, I see other spheres orbiting other stars, but they don’t move me as much as my Sun does.

My God particles have taken my essence and made vehicles that inhabit space and I see that each thing, has now its own energy and that energy interacts with other energies. I am satisfied for now. I see that the energies of these spheres are moving and changing and their environments are all different. Their differences are all in relation to their proximity to my favorite star, the Sun. My God particles never fail to do excellent work. This exercise in creation is endlessly interesting. I shall continue.

I have now established a very fine relationship with my particles and I am confident that freeing a few on each sphere shall bring results that will be very worthwhile. I am looking forward to see what accomplishments my particles will unveil for me. Interesting, out of the nine spheres, some have tiny organisms growing, but only one has what I will call “life” happening. This life is chaotic, but it is chaos with energy and purpose. I am seeing that the God particles have made little versions of the idea of themselves. My particles that originally came from me, have taken me and transformed my essence into the building blocks for this one sphere to support “life”. As before, I am confident that my trusty particles will transform this sphere into something that will provide me something to banish my loneliness and emptiness.

I was correct, this sphere sparked into “life” by my God particles, has been a source of constant wonder. I am content that there is an expanding consciousness developing in the universe. My creation has become bigger than the sum of its parts.