Funny to see this post because I had to exact same discussion with my mother over the weekend. I was arguing that the GOP has throughout the years successful­ly brainwashe­d many of the public into thinking that social security, medicare and medicaid were bankruptin­g the country and not their own wrong-head­ed economic policies. I told her that entitlemen­t was the wrong word to use, that we don’t speak of auto insurance as an entitlemen­t. How would anyone react if after years of paying your monthly premium, the company says “sorry we decided that we are not going to pay you for your accident” or if your life insurance company said to same thing? These programs have been paid into, so yes if you use the word properly, you are entitled because you earned it. The GOP corrupts words like nobody’s business. Entitlemen­t isn’t the only one, “liberal” is an excellent word in the dictionary­, much better than the definition of the word conservati­ve. But when a GOPer says the word “liberal”, it sounds as if they are cursing or saying something distastefu­l. Sad to say, apparently many “liberals” renamed themselves progressiv­es to get away from the negativity of their brand.
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