When it comes to dancing, I love to follow. Ballroom dancing is a fantasy of mine and one of these days, my husband has promised that we will take serious lessons in ballroom dancing. The movies in which Fred Astaire twirled Ginger Rogers or Leslie Caron or Cyd Charisse still make me sigh with longing. There is nothing more romantic than be led confidently around the ballroom floor. I am not forgetting Gene Kelly, he was another dance partner that made me sigh with longing but also entertained me with his athletic dancing where there was neither a leader nor a follower, just himself.

In terms of life itself, I am neither a leader nor a follower, I simply live. There are times that I follow because I am new at something, or I’m too tired at the time to be at the helm of a project or the situation. And there are times where I will lead, such as leading by example for my children, in that I quit smoking almost 4 years ago and I am proof to them everyday that you can quit a bad habit even when it is one of the hardest things that you have ever done, it is doable. Other than leading by example for my children, I’m not a leader in terms of organizing events or seeing a problem and deciding that something needs to be done about it and going out assembling the neighborhood and dealing with it head on. No, that isn’t me, I would pitch in and help and in that instance I would be a follower.

Everyday, I sit at the computer and I voice my opinion in the comment section of the Huffington post, which often generates rebuttals or praise, depending which side of the aisle you’re from, the left or the right. But that, I wouldn’t consider it to be following or leading, just being in the game and stating what I think about the politics and economics of the U.S at this moment. I really enjoy doing that and writing on this blog-site, I spend at least 3 or 4 hours a day, writing. I do it for me, so I don’t know if that applies to being a leader or a follower, it just is.

Not everyone can be a leader, followers are just as important if not more so, a leader who has no followers can’t be much of a leader, because they aren’t leading, they are doing. Followers without a leader, can manage longer than a leader without followers, I’m pretty sure about that. Eventually, the followers will get it together and find a leader among them. A leader might have a tougher time finding followers from nothing. So which came first a leader or the followers? Does someone stand up and say, “I want to change the way things are done. Follow me”. Or is it a bunch of people milling around saying “something has got to give” and someone says “Yes, and I know how” and boom, a leader is found. It probably happens either way.

In my opinion, as long as things that need to get done are done. I’m fine either way, leading or following or simply doing. Everything will even out in the end.