Being a recovering anorexic, I have done many different types of exercise, bordering on the obsessive, to find the best way to burn those evil calories. Thank goodness those days are behind me. It was mentally exhausting to be focused on two things at all cost, how to eat as little calories as possible and how to burn those calories as quickly as possible. It has been 4 years of living with trying to reconcile eating normally and in a healthy way with exercising to keep my body and mind healthy and all the while not obsessing with pounds and inches gained or lost. I have, depending on the days, come to an arrangement with myself about food and exercise. No matter what, I try not to beat myself up if I indulge in ice cream or a chocolate shake. Tomorrow is another day of healthy eating and it’s okay. One day of more calories does not signal the end of all good things. It is amazing the hatchet job you can unleash on yourself when you are feeling down. Same thing with the exercise, it’s okay to miss a day or two if you’re not feeling up to it. Your body will even appreciate the exercise more after a day or two respite. The exercise will be even more powerful for calorie burning. I really don’t know if any of that is true, but it’s what I tell myself, and it works for the most part.

My favorite form of exercise and that suits my routine the best is walking, I used to do yoga and I really liked it, once I got there, but that was the issue, I had to get there. There, means the yoga studio and it’s twenty minutes by car from the house, which translates into an easy excuse not to have to go. So, eventually one day I’ll get back to yoga but for now and ever I will stick to walking. In the morning for 50 minutes, as soon as I get up and I’m still half asleep I walk up the mountain to the top of North street and proceed to Huntington road and turn around and walk back home. It’s about 4 miles and since it’s become my routine, I have my “posse”, my friends who wave at me while they are on their way to work. It’s nice to see them wave, I wave back and often in town, if they haven’t seen me in a few days, they make a point to ask me if I’m feeling okay, if my health is giving me a problem. They are very kind. With them, I have almost a built in support group and in my head that keeps me going because I kind of feel that not only am I letting myself down when I don’t walk but I’m letting them down as well. Have a little bit of an ego, don’t we? Not really, but it works, and that is what counts.

Keep walking, it does wonders for whatever ails you.